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Max Hitchins
Memory Expert

Ever forgotten a name less than three seconds after you have been introduced? This eBook will help you solve this 'memory problem'.

Remember Names

Do yo have to remember lists at school, university or at work?  This eBook is an invaluable tool to help you with this challenge.

Remember Lists
Complete Memory Course

Includes Remember Names; Remember Lists; Remember Speeches; Max's 100 Memory Hangers and a bonus page of Memory Tips and Tricks (So you never lose your phone, keys glasses or wallet ever again!)


As “showing is better than telling”
we invite you to click on the video links below to learn more about Max’s memory hanger system.

Many people say they would rather die than give a speech! This eBook will make you a master of the microphone and a star of the stage. 

Remember Speeches

Channel 7 - Adelaide - on the mind skills we can all develop with Max’s memory hanger system.

Channel 9 - Sydney - tests Max’s on his ability to remember the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place-getters of the last 100 Melbourne Cups.

King of Australian morning television - David Koch - on Channel 7 Sydney puts Max to the test under the pressure of ‘live’ television.




Max Hitchins - an exceptional 'ideas' man

Who is Max Hitchins?

  • Author - Hospitality marketing and management; Mastering memory skills

  • Speaker - Selected as the World's Consummate Speaker 

  • Memory Master - Teaches how to develop a 'memory like an elephant'

  • Hospitality Expert - Known world wide as  "The Hospitality Doctor"

  • "The Melbourne Cup Guy" - memorised over a century of Melbourne Cup results/history


64 Hospitality marketing Ideas

Author of 64 clever Social Media and innovative marketing ideas from around the world. Focussing on Restaurants, Pubs, Bars, Hotels, Bistros, Taverns and Clubs.

Inspirational Speaker

Tailored presentations to inspire, motivate and entertain any audience. Can focus on Hospitality Industry, Memory Improvement, Creative Thinking and Lessons all of us can learn from the Melbourne Cup. Special presentations specifically designed for Shipboard audiences and Probus Clubs. Eg. The Five Most Important Words In The History Of the World.

Personal marketing Ideas 

Max is the creator of  the Zebra Principle or "How to stand out from the herd when you have no budget or a low budget."  See our special Blog to access ideas and participate in and be rewarded when you take the time to do so. 


64 Ideas

64 Ideas

64 Ideas

64 Ideas


"Updated version coming soon"

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64 Ideas





Max speaks to:

(a)  Hospitality Industry audiences about marketing, management, motivation, memory and creative thinking

(b)  Business audiences about memory improvement and creative thinking

(c)  Shipboard audiences on 'edutaining' topics (Educational and entertaining)

(d)  Probus, Service Clubs and schools (free of fee) on 'edutaining' topics and improving your memory


Hotel Expert

Hotel Expert

Hotel Expert

Hotel Expert


  • Hotel Broker
  • Hotel Valuer
  • Hotel Owner for last 40 years
  • National Hotel Awards judge
  • Hotel Schools Advisory Board
  • Innovative thinker when Strata Titling was introduced
  • Speaker at World's largest Hospitality Convention in Chicago

More Ideas


More Ideas



 Did you know this about Australian Prime Ministers?

If there is a change of Prime Minister on 18th of April 2019 that will me Australia will have had EIGHT Prime Ministers in TWELVE years.

Unstable? Not according to our political history!

Did you know Australia had eleven Prime Ministers in the first fifteen years of Federation. Edmond Barton; Alfred Deakin; Chris Watson; George Reid; Alfred Deakin; Andrew Fisher; Alfred Deakin; Andrew Fisher; Joseph Cook; Andrew Fisher

Did you know Australia had seven Prime Ministers between 1939 and 1945? (War Years): Joe Lyons; Earl Page; Robert Menzies; Arthur Fadden; John Curtain; Ben Chifley.

Did you know the shortest term any Prime Minister has served was eight days. Frank Forde (6–13 July 1945)

Did you know one of our Prime Ministers joked he was ‘like the big flood.’ He reigned for forty days and forty nights?

Arthur Fadden (29 August to 7 October 1941)

Did you know only six Prime Ministers have served 7 years or more?

Billy Hughes 1915-1923

Joe Lyons 1932 - 1939

Robert Menzies 1949 - 1966

Malcolm Frazer 1975 - 1983

Bob Hawke 1983 - 1991

John Howard 1996-2007

Did you know six of our Prime Ministers have served less than three months.

Chris Watson 114 days in 1904

Earle Page 20 days in 1939

Arthur Fadden 40 days in 1941

Frank Forde 8 days in 1945

John McEwan 23 days in 1967

Kevin Rudd in 2013 77 days '13

Did you know four of our Prime Ministers served forty days or less.

Earle Page 20 days in 1939

Arthur Fadden 40 days in 1941

Frank Forde 8 days in 1945

John McEwan 23 days in 1967

Did you know the father of one of our Prime Ministers sold his house and wagered the entire proceeds on the Melbourne Cup? Joe Lyons’ father, Michael, failed in a series of enterprises - as hotel keeper, farmer, butcher and baker - before losing his family's savings on the 1887 Melbourne Cup. In Tasmania the father of the Australian Prime Minister Joe Lyons, when Joe was possibly not even born, dreamt one night the winner of the 1887 Cup. He sold the family house, took the ship across Bass Strait, went to the Cup and plonked the lot on Tranter who finished 15th to Dunlop, thus making it possible for Joe Lyons to boast that he grew up in poverty and reached the highest office in the land.

Did you know the Labor party began as Queensland Labour to a meeting of striking pastoral workers under a ghost gum tree (the "Tree of Knowledge") in Barcaldine, Queensland in 1891. The Balmain, New South Wales branch of the party claims to be the oldest in Australia.

Did you know Robert Menzies founded the Liberal Party In 1949.   

Did you know the Australian Country Party formed in 1920 at a federal level. It would later briefly adopt the name National Country Party in 1975, before adopting its current name of National Party in 1982.

Did you know the Liberal Party of Australia and National Party of Australia (formerly the Australian Country Party) have stood in federal elections as a coalition since the Liberal Party's founding in 1944

Did you know The Australian Democratic Party was founded in 1977 from a merger of the Australia Party and the New Liberal Movement, both of which were descended from Liberal Party splinter group, it was Australia's largest minor party from its formation in 1977 through to 2004 and frequently held the balance of power in the Senate during that time. The party's inaugural leader was Don Chipp, a former Liberal cabinet minister, who famously promised to "keep the bastards honest".

Did you know Clive Palmer United Australia Party and Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party want to do the same thing….

Did you know the Democratic Labor Party (DLP) was an Australian political party. The party came into existence following the 1955 Labor split as the Australian Labor Party (Anti-Communist), was renamed the Democratic Labor Party in 1957 and continued to exist until 1978.

Did you know the the first Prime Minister in 2001 - Edmund Barton - led the Protectionist Party.  

Did you know the Free Trade Party was led by George Reid PM who was Prime Minister in 1905. 

Did you know Billy Hughes, who was Prime Minister from from 2015 to 2023 was a member of the Australian Parliament for 52 years. 

Did you know Billy Hughes was a member of FIVE different Political parties Australian Labour Party 1901-16), the Nationalists party (1917-29), the Australia party (1930-31), the United Australia party (1931-35), the Liberal party(1945-52).


Things I learned from Donald Trump

(July 2018)

May I begin by telling I am not a Donald Trump fan or supporter.  But, love him or hate him you have to accept that this entrepreneur is a phenomenon.  "How do you define a phenomenon?" The dictionary says “A phenomenon a fact or situation that is observed to exist or happen, especially one whose cause or explanation is in question."  As all of us in small businesses must necessarily be entrepreneurs, I think it is worthwhile analysing what Donald Trump does, how he does it, what works and what doesn't.  


  1. What he does: He won the election in 2017 by being ‘different. ’All of the people who ran against Donald Trump were selling the same product. He told he wasn’t a professional politician. He was a successful businessman. But I thought the most successful ploy was pitching at the American ego with his “Let’s make America great again.” He is a polished showman. This comes from his fourteen season stint as the host on the Television program 'The Apprentice.' He understands what works particularly with Television audiences.


  1. How he does it: He understands, better than any President before him, how to attract, garner and manipulate the media. He has made an art form of getting the media 'off side’. He realises getting the media ‘off side’ generates much more media attention than being liked. A Harvard University report in May 2017 told of a study that analyzed The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post and the main newscasts on CBS, CNN, Fox and NBC during Mr. Trump’s first 100 days. 80% was negative and 20% was positive.


  1. What works: Trump is is a 72 year old man who recognises the benefits of Social Media...especially Twitter. According to the very first tweet sent by Donald Trump was in May 2009. That was nine years ago. Since then, he has posted a total of 37,600 tweets, according to his Twitter profile. That works out to about 4,178 per year and 11 to 12 per day. He has 52.3 million Twitter followers and it is claimed he writes all his own Tweets. This has been disputed as it has been claimed that Dan Scavino, the White House Director of Social Media, may be responsible for many of the Tweets. If Scavino does write many of the Tweets the learning curve for us is to ‘find someone to do our Tweets.’

  1. What doesn’t work: When reading from the invisible teleprompter Trump destroys and demolishes the great work done by his speech writers. He loses credibility when he mangles the words and get the pausing wrong. (You realise it’s not him speaking). This is particularly evident when he goes ‘off script’ and stops reading from the teleprompter. His vocabulary is very limited and when ‘off script’ he falls back on his favourite words: stupid; weak; loser; moron; amazing; terrific and tremendous…and I seriously question the benefits of his often repeated boast "I am worth a tremendous amount of money.”


Whilst upsetting the media seems to have worked for Donald Trump, up until this time, I think it’s a bit like taking on the Ocean.  It’s too big, too deep, too strong and will drown you in the end. But the ‘take away points’ for us mere mortal entrepreneurs are (a) Be different from your competitors (b) Get good at appearing in the media and (2) Get good at using Social Media. 




Five ‘Smart Phone’ Secrets

(May 2018)

Most people only use a maximum of 10% of their Smart Phone’s capabilities.  Both Apple and Android phones do very clever things. The makers of these phones are continually trying to add special features to assist users. And, when one company ‘invents’ a new feature the other companies usually develop a very similar feature for their phone soon after. 

I am an Apple user and these ‘secrets’ below refer to Apple phones. If you use an Android and you like one or more of the suggestions below ask your supplier about the idea. 

  1. Siri is sensational:  Imagine having a Personal Assistant following you around all day, every day and being able to answer almost any question on any subject.  This is what Siri can do for you. I am currently in Doha in the Middle East on my way to London.  I need to call the person picking me up in London to advise the plane has been delayed.  So as I do not call him in the ‘middle of the night’ I have just asked Siri “What time is it in London?”  Also, as I want to advise the Hotel where I am staying of my late arrival I asked Siri “Connect me to the Grosvenor Hotel in London?” All done in less than twenty seconds. 

  1. Voice feature saves time:  I have almost totally converted from clumsily and slowly using one finger to enter appointments, notes or reminders to using Apple’s voice feature.   If I want to enter the date of the football grand final into my calendar I do it using the voice feature.  The same thing applies with making appointments.  It is about ten times faster and usually more accurate.  I include the address in the Location line of the Calendar and this automatically connects to my phone’s map which directs me to the correct location.  

  1. Notes are never lost: Ever written something important down of a ‘piece of paper’ or a ‘beer coaster’ and then mislaid it? Most of us have done this at one time or another. I continually use the Notes feature on my Apple phone in conjunction with the voice feature for the multitude of purposes for which I use Notes.  For example I have a Note titled “Today I learned.” My goal is to learn one new thing per day. Hence in twelve months I will know 365 more things than I do now.  Can I suggest, if you have teenagers at school, you might get them involved with this idea.  It’s a great way to help them with their education.  It is also is a great conversation starter if you get them into the habit of asking them “What is one thing you learned at school today?” 

  1. Have your Notes read to you.  I often multi task while searching the Internet for various things on my desk top computer.  Whilst doing this I go to my “Today I learned” note and click on the top of the page and highlight most of the page.  When you do this you will see the option to click on ‘Speak’ and the selected paragraphs will be read to you.     

  1. Use the short cut to your camera.  Often we ‘miss’ a good photo because we are not quick enough getting the camera ready.  Most versions of Apple and Android cameras now provide a a quick way to get to your camera.  I suggest you search You Tube for “Short cut to taking photos on my iPhone.”       


Old Fashioned Marketing at Flint Michigan

Gus Gregory has been a long term subscriber to my weekly newsletter. Many years ago his Dad, who had left school in 5th grade, emigrated to America from Cyprus. Gus told me his Dad scrimped and saved enough money to open a Bar/Restaurant called Gregory's in Flint, Michigan in 1948. It was a 250 seat diner featuring sea food, steaks and a variety of entrees prepared from fresh ingredients.
The local newspaper covered the opening and Gus' father, during the interview, threw the front door keys in the garbage and declared Gregory's would never be closed! “I don't know Max,” wrote Gus, “whether it was instinct, luck or intuition but Gregory's became a landmark restaurant for many years. He would go on to own and operate many other restaurants in the Flint area. The Cyprus, Gregory's #2, Barrel Inn, Town Talk Café, Charlys Inn.”
“His successes made it possible for me to attend Michigan State University to study Hospitality Management....and, by the time we were half way through the course, I thought I knew it all. I remember trying to get my Father to spend $15.00 for an advertisement in the local newspaper to tell about our wonderful Sunday Brunch.”   

“I remembering him saying to me ‘Son, if I am going to spend money, I prefer to spend it on my customers. Now get your ass back in the kitchen and finish washing the dishes!’”
“My Dad also taught me to never defend a product that a customer did not like. His policy was to remove it from the table immediately and ask what we could bring them in its' place.  Then he would say to the whole table ‘As hard we try sometimes we just don't get it right. So dinner, for the table, is on me tonight!’"
And then he would hand them one of our Gregory's cards and say "Next time you want to come in, call me because I want to make sure we take good care of you and that meal will also be on me."  

I recall telling Dad this was not what they were teaching in the marketing lectures at Michigan State. He replied "Son what do you think those people talk about when they go to work in the morning. Gregory's will get far more value from what I just did than the $15.00 for the advertisement you wanted to run in the paper!"  

“My Dad was just so much smarter then me,” wrote Gus.

“By the way Max” Gus continued “I want to say a BIG THANK YOU for the iPhone tips you now include at the bottom of your weekly emails to me.  I particularly liked these two: (1) Did you know there is a Compass App on your iPhone? In the Compass App, if you swipe left, your iPhone becomes a level…which is perfect for hanging pictures. Many thanks. 

(2)  The History feature of your iPhone keeps track of web pages you have visited recently. To return to a recent web page go to Safari on your iPhone. Tap the Bookmarks icon on the bottom bar (the one that looks like two pages opening). Tap on History. You will see all the pages you have recently visited. To clear all the pages simply hit 'Clear'. ” 



You’ll never never know…if you never ever go….

In my opinion it is a mistake to think that hospitality operators in Melbourne, Adelaide and Sydney have better ideas than those in other cities and towns throughout Australia.  I believe now, more that ever, the Internet and its’ associated tools can and has levelled the business playing field. 

Recently I spent some time in the Northern Territory.  I was in Aeroplanes, Bars, Bistro’s, Restaurants, Resorts and Hotels in Darwin and along the national Highway One all the way to Katherine.   

I noted and experienced some exceptional service and saw wonderfully innovative ideas. And each time I endeavoured to analyse these experiences that impressed me.  

Did you know on Virgin Airlines you can now download the Virgin App onto your phone or laptop and track your path with the flight crew as they at fly at 33,000 feet above the ground at around 800 klm per hour.  Not long ago this information was only available on international flights on  special screens on the aeroplane.  Now you download it onto your laptop, iPad or iPhone.  Amazing technology.

Do you realise that just a few years ago Social Media did not even exist. Neither did the Internet, Apple iPhones, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram etc. etc. etc.  Now they are all part of our lives and our businesses.  

I salute the work the Darwin an Northern Territory Tourism Authorities and Operators are doing to market Northern Australia with their use of Social Media and Apps. 

Consider the challenges they have in the Northern Territory Hospitality and Tourism businesses. They only have a maximum of six months to make their money each year.  

Consider the fact that the Hospitality Industry in the Northern Territory relies on young staff from all around the world to ‘man the life boats’… so to speak…in the busy six months of the year. 

Consider the fact that they have to train these young tourists, backpackers and the like to give exceptional service to the throngs of tourist. And they have to do this each year with a new brigade of young tourists, backpackers and the like. I am amazed they do it so well.   

In this and following articles I intend introducing you to some amazing Apps and Social Media Tips and Tricks to assist you in running your businesses.  The first is a recently released App from Apple called Clips. It is designed to cater for people who are forever posting Social Media messages. (Our target market?) You can shoot a video, edit it and in a matter of seconds post it to friends, family and followers. 

But, more importantly, I see Clips as a great marketing tool. On the trip to Darwin I shot pictures out of the window of the plane; pictures of a menu for the Darwin Hotel; pictures of Katherine Gorge; pictures of ‘Sweetheart’ the crocodile and made a Clips App video of it….and overlaid with a song about Australia our Luck Country. It took seven minutes to assemble an produce the video. 

I invite you to check it out at or simply search Youtube for: Max Hitchins - Lucky Country. 


Max’s Maxims to encourage you to Take Time To Think

My grand daughter, Jessie Bridger, at the end of her final school year in 2015, applied for and was successful in getting a job at Forever New in the Indooroopilly Shopping Centre, Brisbane. I was impressed that she wanted to get a job immediately on leaving school to earn money before going to University in 2016. For the ‘older' people Forever New is a very impressive organisation that appears to pitch at teenage - 25 year old females.  

Jessie told me there were ten applicants at the interview for the job.  She told me 'she thought about’ what she would say and what she would wear to the interview. She said she was amazed at some of the outfits the other applicants wore to the interview.  She said some where in dowdy black clothes, some wore old jeans and some had very untidy hair.  She told me she chose to wear a Forever New outfit she had purchased at the store.  I was so impressed when I realised she really took time to think about the interview process.  When she excitedly called me to tell she had the job she said she believed (and so do I) her 'taking time to think' was the reason she was selected for the job.   

It is my belief, whatever the task, whatever the situation, whatever the opportunity we should try to cultivate the habit to always…stop…and Take Time To Think before beginning anything.  For this reason I have produced an eBook titled Max’s Maxims to encourage you to Take Time To Think.  I describe it as an educational, edifying and entertaining collection of thoughts, quotes, aphorisms, excerpts, passages, sayings and verses designed to encourage, motivate and inspire everyone who reads this eBook to Take Time To Think.  

Max featured in a Channel 7 Today Tonight program where reporter Frank Pangallo  opened with the comment “Max Hitchins has developed a remarkable memory.” 



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