For almost Max’s entire life his focus has been hotels and the hospitality industry.  As teenagers, because of the untimely death of their Father, Max and his brother were pitched into running a heavily indebted country hotel in the Australian country town of Moree NSW. With hard work, innovative thinking and clever ideas they managed to treble the value of the property. This came about because Max was following the introduction of Strata Titling of properties to NSW, Australia and the World. The Starta Titling of their hotel property in Moree is believed to have been the first ‘country hotel’ in Australia to take this, then, very bold (and very successful) step. 


Max Hitchins has advised senior management and trained staff of some of the world's best hotels - including this one - the Dubai Al Arab United Arab Emirates Hotel-

After Max's successes at Moree, Max went into the profession of Hotel Broking in Sydney via studying for his Real Estate License. He was also registered as a ‘Specialist Hotel Valuer’ and worked throughout New South Wales.  in the 1990’s Max located his Hotel Broking business above one of the Hotels he owned (The Bondi Junction Hotel in Sydney) With the help of his daughter Sallee, Maxoversaw the management of this hotel operation throughout the 1990’s. (During this time the Hotel's turnover improved 800%). In 1995 Max was invited onto the Advisory Board of the Blue Mountains International Hotel School in the Blue Mountains. Following this appointment Max was invited to be a Judge of the National Australian Hotels Association Annual Awards.  

During the 1990's he was also invited into the world of professional focusing on the Hospitality Industry.  With insightful knowledge and innovative ideas Max became known as the Hospitality Doctor in Australia. In Asia they called the Hospitality Magician and in America, when he was presented to the audience at the world's biggest hospitality convention in Chicago, he was introduced as the Wizard 'from' OZ.  

Max is the author of Hands On Hospitality, The Hospitality Jungle, 365 Marketing Ideas for the Hospitality Industry and Hospitality Scams and a series of eBooks focusing on marketing for Hotels, Pubs, Clubs, Taverns, Bars, Bistros, Restaurants and Motels,  He has shared his hospitality ideas and experience with audiences in the UK, Canada, Italy, Iceland, The Netherlands, Dubai, Oman, Brunei, The Maldives, India, Hong Kong, Singapore, Fiji, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Noumea, Switzerland, The Philipines throughout America and throughout Australia.

The focus of Max's speaking and writing is introducing magic into marketing and management to the world's Hospitality and Tourism Industries.